F: Flame Tree or R: Royal Poinciana

Flame Tree Upclose 2_blog

F is for Flame Tree…or R, this time, for Royal Poinciana 😉

Yes, it’s another flame tree post – this time up close. These beautiful flowers are growing in Dahab, South Sinai. Apparently, there is a myriad of common names in English for this tree. Here’s what I learned about it’s scientific name, Delonix regia, from the World Agroforestry Centre:

“The generic name, ‘Delonix’, is derived from a Greek delos (visible), and onyx (claw), in allusion to the conspicuously clawed petals. The specific name, ‘regia’, is from the Latin word ‘regis’ (royal, regal, magnificent). Most of its common names are derived from its large, flame-red flowers.”