M: Mashrabeyya

Mashrabeya Screen_blogM is for Mashrabeyya

Mashrabeyya, a latticework of intricately carved wood, has been crafted in Egypt for hundreds of years.

“The word ‘mashrabiya’ comes from an Arabic root meaning the ‘place of drinking,’ which was adapted to accommodate the first function of the screen: ‘the place to cool the drinking water.'” (Read this Saudi Aramco article The Magic of Mashrabiyas to learn more about the history of mashrabeyya and how it evolved from cooling water to cooling people and houses to decorating mosques and homes.)

Mashrabeyya screens are definitely popular house decor in Egypt. This unfinished screen was on sale on in Ma’adi, an upscale city near Cairo, for LE 1200 (about $215) – but I can’t remember if that included the finishing or not.