B: Bet-tow


B is for Bet-tow

Another tasty Egyptian bread! I’ll have to suggest this word to my husband for his Arabic Audio recordings because you have to hear this word, I think, to know how to pronounce it. (The ‘ow’ sounds like ‘now’.) You may also see it spelled bettaw, bettai, and bettawa. Made with corn and fenugreek, bet-tow is a staple for theĀ fellaheen (peasants) in rural areas. Every time I have had this bread, it has been unleavened and crispy – which is why I like it so much – but in the recipes I’ve found the bread is always leavened. Here’s one to try. It usually comes in circular loaves 50 – 60 cm across. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me to get a shot of the loaves unbroken. I purchased the bet-tow in the Ma’adi souq (market) for LE 6/kilo (just under $1) and the woman broke the loaves to fit them in the bag.