G: God’s Table

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G is for God’s Table

Or Ma-id-it Al-Rahman, as it says on the sign in Arabic – “the table of the merciful God.” Not the best picture but I thought this was a great use of a neighborhood garden that otherwise goes unused. Wealthy Egyptians set up God’s Tables during the holy month of Ramadan and serve free iftar (breakfast) meals to poorer families and workers who could not make it home in time. This particular table even allowed “take-away”!

A traditional Cairene iftar table is topped with dishes of meat, rice and vegetables, Levantine mezzas such as hummus and baba ghanoush, vegetable salads and fava beans, the national staple. Customarily, iftar begins with dried dates and a drink, which is how the Prophet Muhammad broke his fast some 14 centuries ago. One popular drink is the apricot-based qamar el-din. For dessert, Cairenes savor kunafa, a kind of syrup-saturated shredded wheat, and qatayaf, a folded pancake filled with ground nuts and dried fruit, soaked in syrup, and baked.

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