T: Taxis

A typical street scene in Cairo – a driver and his taxi waiting for a passenger! Black and white are the usual colors of Cairo cabs…but if you look behind this taxi, you’ll see what looks like an older, all-white taxi. Some may be all-black. Private cab companies have popped up in the last few years and their color of choice is yellow. And white is the color of the “new taxis”: the government has been buying old run-down taxis from the drivers and giving them incentives to purchase new and better-running cars. The best thing about the new taxis – working meters!! Now, there’s a change for the better. 🙂

You can get to most places within Ma’adi for between LE 3 – 6 ($.55 – $1.06).

Don’t want to hail your own taxi? Try one of the private companies:

The Blue Cab – one of the private cab companies in Cairo – great for arranging late night trips to the airport!

Cairo International Taxi – taxi service within Greater Cairo

Cairo Taxi – from Cairo airport to your hotel, including assistance with luggage, navigating customs, etc.