L: Lemon Juice

عصير لمون

3asseer lamoon

Lemon juice…a refreshing drink on a hot day! I enjoyed this one at a restaurant on the shore in Dahab. Lemon juice, or 3asseer lamoon as its called here, is by far my favorite Egyptian drink. Fresh seasonal juices, like mango, watermelon, and strawberry, are popular beverages here, and lemon juice is one that is available year-round. As noted in this Egyptian Lemon Juice with Mint recipe, Egyptians like things sweet.  So if you prefer your juice more tangy, be sure to ask for little or no sugar when you place an order. And here’s an interesting tidbit: according to Clifford A. Wright,  “the earliest evidence of lemonade comes from Egypt”. You can read more about the history of lemonade here.