F is for a Fish-Filching Fox

This little fellow thought he was going to filch that fish, but he was caught on camera just in time! Not that the flash scared him off. The two-year-old Bedouin boy making barking noises at him didn’t even scare him off.  And so I happily shot a few pictures as he tried to sneak off with the night’s dinner. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that X if for foXes, not F – but I couldn’t resist the alliteration. 😉 And if you’ve read my book, you’ll also know that the photos of foxes were not taken by me. So I was super happy last night to get my own photos of foxes in the wild – even if they aren’t the greatest! (I do have a few pics of a Fennec Fox in Giza Zoo.) To my very untrained eye, this fellow looks like a Ruppell’s Sand Fox…but I could be wrong. The Ruppell’s Sand Fox is, according to A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt, “the most widespread fox in Egypt and the most likely to be seen in true desert.”