E is for Ecolodge

Egypt is home to several ecolodges, each with its own unique style. You can stay at an oasis ecolodge in Siwa, Dakhla, or Bahariya. There are several ecolodges along the Red Sea coast near Marsa Alam. Aswan and Wadi Natrun also boast ecolodges. And, of course, there’s Sinai – where Basata, an ecolodge on the coast between Taba and Nuweiba, is a well-known getaway for adventurous Cairenes. There are also two ecolodges located in St. Katherine’s Protectorate – one of them being Mt. Sinai Ecolodge, pictured above.  We just returned from a gorgeous weekend at the lodge! And a fantastic hike to the top of Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa). It’s a great time to visit Sinai – we pretty much had the summit to ourselves. 🙂