Happy Sham el-Nessim!

Happy Sham el-Nessim!

Once again celebrating my favorite Egyptian holiday with a basketful of colored eggs. Okay, so they’re not all that colorful…yet. This was just the base colors I dyed the eggs before the kids decorated them further with markers and stickers. (Yes, I forgot to get a shot of them completed.)

From last year’s Sham el-Nessim post:

This spring festival dates back to the time of the pharaohs but is still celebrated as a national holiday by both Muslims and Christians. Today, Egyptians will spend the day outside in gardens or any green space they can find – along the Nile, at the zoo – and enjoy the fresh breeze. Traditionally, people eat feseekh (a salted, and very smelly fish), green onions, lettuce, termis (lupini beans)…and colored boiled eggs.

Today is also Sinai Liberation Day (April 25) – so two reasons to celebrate!!