C is for Cute, Curious Camels

While hiking this past weekend in Wadi G’Nai (near Dahab), I spotted three camels in the distance, lazily crunching on cactus. As we walked, I slowly veered toward them, knowing that I wanted to get some shots of my favorite animal. The camels noticed my approach and occasionally lifted and turned their heads in my direction. When I was still (in my mind) a safe distance away, the closest camel sauntered right up to me and asked to have his photo taken! Okay, so he really didn’t talk to me, but each of these cute and curious camels took a turn following me around until I got several shots of each of them.

I love camels, which you probably know if you’ve read my book or followed this blog. And I’m looking forward to our first ever camel race here in Dahab next week during the Dahab Bedouin Festival. It’s on from May 14th to 20th. (The camel race is the 17th.) Click here to view the schedule of events.

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