F is for Fjord, a False Fjord that is!

About 10 km south of Taba in south Sinai is the famous fjord – a place I have been wanting to visit since my first trip to Sinai all those years ago. Well, we finally made it last weekend! Above is a photo looking out to sea. We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch under that arisha (sunshade). And then a few refreshing snorkels around the reefs. My husband took a wander around the mountain and through some nearby wadis…and came back with two big bags of trash. The area needs some assistance with rubbish removal, as does all of Sinai, but all in all, the fjord is a lovely place to spend a summer afternoon by the sea!

Below is a photo (not mine) of the fjord from above. There is a small rest stop and cafeteria at the top of the mountain behind the fjord which boasts spectacular views!

The Fjord in Taba, EgyptPhoto by Sarah Othman, flickr.com, CC BY-NC-SA

Fjords are inlets of sea water surrounded by high cliffs and mountains. True fjords were created by glaciers. But the differences between the Scandinavian use of the word fjord and the English use has led many inlets around the world to be inaccurately labeled as ¨fjords¨. These ¨false fjords¨ are not formed by glaciers melting and moving, but rather they are inlets formed by river erosion or some other natural activity. Not sure who first called this particular inlet a ¨fjord¨ in English…and I´m not sure what it is called in Arabic. We should have paid more attention to the signs! Anyone know?