F is for Flag

Not the most exciting of photos, I know,  but I found the history of the Egyptian flag fascinating – and not something I had looked into before.

According to the Wikipedia,

The Free Officers who toppled King Farouk in the Revolution of 1952 assigned specific symbolism to each of the three bands of the Arab Liberation flag. The red band symbolises the period before the Revolution, a time characterized by the struggle against the monarchy, and the British occupation of the country. The white band symbolizes the bloodless nature of the Revolution itself. The black band symbolises the end of the oppression of the Egyptian people at the hands of the monarchy, and foreign imperialism.

Egypt’s use of the Arab Liberation flag inspired its adoption by a number of other Arab states. The same horizontal tricolour is used by Iraq, Syria, and Yemen (and formerly Libya), the only difference being the presence (or absence) of distinguishing national emblems in the white band.

The wiki has brief descriptions and images of all of Egypt´s past flags, starting with the Muhammed Ali Dynasty.

And while Libya´s recent change of power has led to the creation a new flag…will Egypt´s?!