C is for Cuddly Cats!

Cats, cats, cats! They have been in Egypt since ancient times. Besides being useful in catching mice and other pests, cats were also worshipped by ancient Egyptians. They were believed to have magical powers and to provide protection. While cats may not be as honored today as they once were, visitors to modern Egypt will see a plethora of their descendants roaming the city streets. The cat above, however, is lucky to live in Dahab, where cats are still worshipped, in their own way. The cats roam freely in and out of all the restaurants and cafeterias along the shore, rubbing up against the legs of tourists, curling up in willing laps, and being fed delicious scraps of leftovers from the tourists’ meals. If this bothers you, waiters will provide you with a squirt bottle to keep the cats at bay until you clean your plate. They don´t bother me though. They are one of the joys of spending an afternoon on the shore. The kitten pictured here kept my husband and I company for two weeks at Bishbishi camp where we stayed while waiting to move into our house. And I love his pose – he looks just like any visitor to Dahab should after a day of playing in the sun!

If you´re an animal-lover and are interested in helping the animals of Egypt, check out these local organizations:

Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals

Egyptian Society of Animal Friends

Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization