D is for Donkeys in the Desert

A couple of the donkeys we came across on a recent drive through the mountains of south Sinai ~ A few Bedouin women were at a nearby well, filling dozens of jerkins with the fresh water, which the donkeys (There were around 8 of them.) would later carry home to their encampment.

Many donkeys in (mainland) Egypt live a much more strenuous life. Check out The Donkey Sanctuary´s website and read about how they work to improve the living conditions donkeys in Egypt.

Donkeys and mules constitute a major part of the total animal population in Egypt, standing at over 3,000,000. They are used for everyday tasks, including carrying both goods and people. There are also hundreds of brick kilns in the areas where we work and each kiln has between 10-15 donkeys working on site.

Most donkeys we come across suffer with open wounds caused by poor harnessing. Foot problems are also common, along with eye infections and donkeys beaten by their owners. Our teams visit 11 villages and the brick kilns on a regular basis to offer free routine veterinary care and help owners improve the working conditions for their animals.