B is for Biodiversity

If you have been wondering where I´ve been lately, I´d like to introduce you to Project Noah, my latest obsession!

Project Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document wildlife and a technology platform research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. The purpose of the project is to mobilize and inspire a new generation of nature lovers. It began as an experiment to see if we could build an app for people to share their nature sightings and has evolved into a powerful global movement for both amateurs and experts. The name “Noah” is an acronym that stands for networked organisms and habitats.

Basically, after signing in (with your Google account, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.), you can upload photos you take of the wildlife you spot. (Each entry is a ¨spotting¨.) There are fields of information you can enter – common name, scientific name, description, habitat, location, and notes. If you don´t know what that critter or flower is, simply click the ¨Help Me ID this Species¨ and other nature-loving and knowledgeable members will try and help. You can join others on different ¨Missions¨ and contribute your spottings to different themed groups. There´s ¨Butterflies and Moths of the World¨, ¨Nature in Yellow¨, and dozens more. You can even create your own mission! I have been working on adding photos to the Biodiversity in Egypt Mission, started by my nature-loving, image-shooting friend, Nicole B. So, if you´d like to learn more about the flora and fauna of Egypt, visit our mission page and view photos of the birds, lizards, butterflies, bees, snails, mammals, spiders, fish and more. Enjoy taking photos of nature? (There are apps for smartphones.) Join our mission and help others learn about the amazing biodiversity in Egypt. (Wouldn´t that be a fun class project?!)

Visit EgyptHeritage´s Egypt´s Biodiversity website to get a start on identifying the nature around you.