K is for Konafa

While I wrote about konafa bil gibna (konafa with cheese) in my book, it was not a variety of konafa that I had ever tried myself – until a couple of weeks ago! I have always loved konafa with nuts and/or cream, but I must say – konafa bil gibna is quite a tasty option! Sadly, there are not many shops selling Egyptian sweets here in Dahab – and none up to the standards of my favorite shop in Cairo. I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally decided to buy the frozen konafa pastry strands and make my own.

When I told my mother that I was “making” konafa, she asked surprisingly if I had a tool to make those thin pastry strands. No, I answered, I bought the frozen pastry! (Which is what most Egyptians do, my husband assures me. Frozen or fresh from the baker.) But my mother replied that I was “assembling” konafa, not “making” it. And assembling konafa IS pretty simple, once you have the pastry! A bit of ghee, a bit of cheese and lemon, a rose-water infused syrup and you get this: