3gga, 3gga, 3gga!

My new favorite snack – عجّة! Transliterating from Arabic gives us something like 3ig-ga or “agga”.  There is no English equivalent to the Arabic letter ع and it is often written as the number 3. Hard to alliterate with that! So we are just having 3 cheers for 3gga. 🙂 Basically, an Egyptian egg omelette, sometimes fried pan-sized and other times in small balls, like the ones pictured here, which I bought from a new local food stall here in Dahab. LE 2 ($0.33) worth of 3gga provides a yummy lunch for one person! You can also purchase 3gga sandwiches.

Looking for recipes? You’ll have to use Google Translate for this recipe and for this one.