K is for Kindle!



I’ve been doing a lot of e-publishing lately and I finally decided to format my book, An ABC Escapade through Egypt, for Kindle. The first print edition was published in 2008 and I was quite pleased with the response from readers, both in Egypt and internationally. To make the book easier for teachers around the globe to access, in 2010 I made the book available as a PDF, an electronic version that allowed me to maintain the graphic layout of the pages. And while fixed-layout books are possible and available for Kindle devices, I still feel that reading picture books on such small screens is not ideal. So for my Kindle edition, I let go of the picture book format and redesigned the text and images for free-flow reading on handheld devices. That was hard, as I was – and still am – quite attached to the original look and feel of the print book. But it is my hope that this new Kindle edition will appeal to older children, ages 8 – 12, who are reading independently on e-readers, and more so for reluctant or struggling readers who may not want to be seen carrying around a picture book.

An ABC Escapade through Egypt – Kindle Edition – $3.99

Happy Reading!