H is for Habiba! You can learn a bit more about the real life Habiba (as opposed to the one who lives in my story books) from this blog post from my mother.

artful journeys with ginda

No book about MY Egypt would be complete without telling the story of how our daughter, Bernadette, came to be a teacher in the small Bedouin town of Assalah, Dahab in South Sinai.  You could say that LOVE is to blame.  During the years that we were living in Cairo as a family, Bernadette met the love of her life, and this is what drew her back to the country after receiving her teaching degree in the United States.  She and Nadim were married and for the next several years, they both taught in Cairo.  As Bernadette gained more and more experience and a deeper understanding into the real needs of children with special needs, she became disillusioned and frustrated with a system that had inadequate resources and limited vision.  The city of Cairo itself felt less and less hospitable as it grappled with an explosive population growth, nightmarish traffic…

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