D is for Dahab’s Deserts


This isn’t the first scene that usually comes to mind when people think of Dahab. Typically, visions of gorgeous blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and amazing marine life are what draw people to this little town in South Sinai. But just a ten-minute walk from our shores and you can find yourself in the serenity of Dahab’s desert wadis. And since the region has been blessed with (relatively) quite a bit of rain this winter, the desert is already starting to spring into life! Besides these delicate yellows blossoms, there are beetles, birds, butterflies, grasshoppers, and even large Dabb lizards creeping about. Exploring these wadis – and all the incredible wildlife within –  has been one of my favorite past-times since moving here. I have been fascinated most by the desert plants and I am happy to announce that I have finally completed my book Wandering through Wadis: A nature-lovers’s guide to the flora of South Sinai.

WtW Front Cover_sm

It is currently available as an eBook in PDF format, with plans on Kindle and Nook versions to be completed by spring. Visit the links to learn more about the book, download a free sample, or purchase online.