R is for Random Road Signs

Random Road Signs Collage 1

Years ago when I applied for my Egyptian driver’s license, I had to take an a short driving test, as well as an oral examination, which consisted of the examiner pointing to  three random road signs on a board of dozens of signs and asking me to identify them. I easily identified the No Parking, No Honking, and Wear Your Seatbelt signs.

I present to you here my own collection of random road signs, seen as I was hiking along a once-paved road that is currently closed to traffic. 🙂  (Winter rains washed the road out that runs through Wadi G’Nai and used to be the south entrance into Dahab.)

#1: Slow down.

#2: No passing/overtaking.

#3: Dangerous turn.

#4: Left turn.

#5: Speed limit sign. 60 km/h is about 37 mph and is the posted speed limit on most roads in Dahab.

#6: Incline.