F is for Fillets of Fisseekh

fiseekh (1)

Yes, I should have posted these photos several weeks ago on Sham el Nessim, an Egyptian holiday that is celebrated the Monday after Coptic Christian Easter. But I was too busy “sniffing the breeze” to upload the photos on the actual holiday. And I’m not sure where the time has gone since then. Ma lesh. Better late than never!

The photo above shows a packaged version of the fish traditionally eaten on Sham el Nessim – fisseekh. The translation as “Salted Mullet” is only part of the story. The fish is allowed to rot for a few days before it is salted and results in very smelly, strongly-flavored fish fillets. Fisseekh is eaten together with bites of green onions and baladi bread, and is definitely an acquired taste! 😉

fiseekh (2)