About Me

A teacher with a passion for language, learning, and modern-day Egypt”

Those passions, along with my dabbling in photography – and the fact that I’ve lived in Egypt nearly half of my life – led to the writing and publishing of my first children’s book, An ABC Escapade through Egypt.

And the creation of this blog.

I started this photoblog in February 2009, two months after the publication of  An ABC Escapade through Egypt. Although there are many images of Egypt in my book, I realized I had a lot more about Egypt that I wanted to share and so I decided to embark on this blogging adventure.

Photography is simply one of my hobbies, something I dabble in. I am, by no means, a professional. My goal for this blog is share images and information about modern day Egypt. This escapade is therefore a random sampling of some of my photos taken on my own escapades through Egypt. They may not all be great photos but they each represent something beautiful and/or unique to Egypt. Sticking with the alphabetical theme of my book, I’m sorting the photos by letter – although they won’t be posted in ABC order!

Because I hope that my photographs are not only interesting for others to view but also useful – particularly to young writers, teachers, and students – I am releasing most of the images on this blog under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercia 3.0 Unported License. If the image is tagged with “CC”, feel free to use it! (If it’s not tagged, it’s probably because someone else took the photo and therefore not mine to share publicly.) If you use any of my images, please attribute them to Bernadette Simpson and cite the blog URL (or provide a link).


See how a writer at the Los Angeles Times Blogs used and cited one of my photos:

Babylon & Beyond: WEST BANK: Fireworks after the feast?

On wiki.worldflicks.org are examples of citations with links to where the photos came from (some of my images are also available on Flickr.com and Common.Wikimedia.org):

Photos of Feluccas and     Photos of New Ma’adi

If you’d like to purchase products (key chains, postcards, t-shirts, magnets, etc.) made with my photographs, visit my Zazzle store.

Enjoy the escapade!


Contact me at: bernadette@bernadettesimpson.com