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A is for Aloe

  A few years ago, a friend gave me some young aloe vera plants. Today, they would take over my garden if I let them! I have used the leaves to cool burns… Continue reading

3gga, 3gga, 3gga!

My new favorite snack – عجّة! Transliterating from Arabic gives us something like 3ig-ga or “agga”.  There is no English equivalent to the Arabic letter ع and it is often written as the… Continue reading

A is for Almonds

Almonds are called ¨luz¨ لوز  in Arabic and are available for purchase year round in Egypt. Most of these almonds are imported since almond trees are not cultivated in the Nile Delta. They… Continue reading

A is for Airport Advertisements

My recent summertime travels meant spending several hours at the Cairo International Airport. We were lucky enough to spend many of those hours in the new Terminal 3, which is just beautiful and… Continue reading

M is for Mouthwatering MishMish

Mmmmm….mouthwatering mishmish! مشمش Or apricots as we call them in English. Another popular summer fruit here in Egypt. Crisp and tangy at the moment, soft and sweet when more fully ripe. And just… Continue reading

A is for Alexandria

Alexandria is a city on the north coast of Egypt, along the Mediterranean Sea. Alex, as it is often referred to in English, is the second largest city in Egypt. This is a… Continue reading

A: Admiring Amazing Athletes

A is for Admiring Amazing Athletes In honor of Egypt’s national football (soccer) team and their recent win in the Africa Cup of Nations, I thought I’d post some photos from the 2006… Continue reading

A: Al Azhar Park

A is for Al Azhar Park If you haven’t visited Al Azhar Park, I highly recommend taking an afternoon stroll through this gorgeous garden! Every time I have visited, I have been impressed… Continue reading

A: Acacia

A is for Acacia And if you’re going to have a picnic in the desert, it will most likely be an acacia that provides your shade! I had a lovely lunch under this… Continue reading

A: Acacia

A is for Acacia This is a close-up shot of the spines of an acacia tree. Taken on a hike along the coast between Blue Hole to Ras Abu Galum, South Sinai.