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C is for Camels Cooling Off!

A typical morning at the beach in Assala, Dahab – especially when it’s as hot and humid as it was this day. You can usually see the mountains of Saudi Arabia when you… Continue reading

C is for Culinary Capers

Instead of the usual caper flower photos that I like to post, this year I’d thought I’d share the little, immature flower buds – the culinary capers so often used in Mediterannean cuisine.… Continue reading

C is for a Couple of Cute Camels

Yep, camels again. I just can´t resist pulling over to the side of the road and trying to capture their cute little faces. 🙂 These two came right on over to be pictured… Continue reading

C is for Cuddly Cats!

Cats, cats, cats! They have been in Egypt since ancient times. Besides being useful in catching mice and other pests, cats were also worshipped by ancient Egyptians. They were believed to have magical… Continue reading

C is for Cute, Curious Camels

While hiking this past weekend in Wadi G’Nai (near Dahab), I spotted three camels in the distance, lazily crunching on cactus. As we walked, I slowly veered toward them, knowing that I wanted… Continue reading

C is for Caper

Caper Flower – click for full size image Our very first caper flower, on a caper bush we grew from seeds collected in the wild! It bloomed last night and these are shots… Continue reading

C: Colored Eggs for S: Sham el Nessim

Okay, so they’re not the most spring-colored eggs, but I do think they match our rocky Sinai mountains! And Sham el Nessim is not complete without a basket of colorful eggs. Today in… Continue reading

C: Camels

More camels! These two baby camels were seen a few years ago wandering along the Dahab-Sharm road.  It must be that time of the year because I saw several more young camels on… Continue reading

C: Creative Commons

Okay, time for the truth about Creative Commons and the answer to: What does it mean if a photo is released under a CC-license? While there is no ONE right answer to this… Continue reading

C: Creative Commons

Sorry – no Egypt today – let’s talk  licensing instead. Some of you may have read the information in my sidebar about my blog being released under a Creative Commons (CC) license and… Continue reading