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D is for Dahab’s Deserts

This isn’t the first scene that usually comes to mind when people think of Dahab. Typically, visions of gorgeous blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and amazing marine life are what draw people to… Continue reading

D is for Donkeys in the Desert

A couple of the donkeys we came across on a recent drive through the mountains of south Sinai ~ A few Bedouin women were at a nearby well, filling dozens of jerkins with… Continue reading

D: Date Palm

The most abundant “tree” in Egypt is the Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera), known in Arabic as Nakhl el-Balah نخل البلح . And Egypt is the world’s top producer of dates, producing over a… Continue reading

D: Donkeys

D is for Donkey Actually, I used a very similar shot in my book for Wagons of Watermelon but I thought the donkeys could use some attention! They work hard pulling carts of… Continue reading

D: Dragonfly

D is for Dragonfly And it’s their time of year! This dragonfly was hanging out on the plants on our balcony in New Ma’adi, Cairo. Dragonfly Postcard by bernadettesimpsonBrowse more Dragonfly Postcards

D: Dahab

D is for Dahab My home. This is the view of the main bay taken from the terrace of a dive shop in Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai.