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E is for EgyptAir

EgyptAir is the country’s national airline and is celebrating it’s 80th birthday this month! While I have only flown internationally with EgyptAir a handful of times, I am becoming quite a frequent flyer… Continue reading

E is for Ecolodge

Egypt is home to┬áseveral ecolodges, each with its own unique style. You can stay at an oasis ecolodge in Siwa, Dakhla, or Bahariya. There are several ecolodges along the Red Sea coast near… Continue reading

E is for Elections!

And Parliamentary elections began across the country this morning. For numerous news stories and reports on the elections in Egypt, go here. In my little neighborhood, there were campaign stickers galore!    … Continue reading

E: Egret

This Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) was on the shore along the path from the Blue Hole to Ras Abu Galum, South Sinai. Learn more about egrets here.