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G is for Garbage…and Garbage Dreams!

This week has turned into environment week here on Escapade through Egypt! After my R is for Rubbish post, I decided I definitely needed to highlight Cairo’s zaballeen and Garbage City and then… Continue reading

G: Grilled Chicken

G is for Grilled Chicken Grilled chicken, or firaakh mashwi, is a popular meal in Egypt. You can order one from street vendors and take it home to eat. Or find a seat… Continue reading

G: God’s Table

G is for God’s Table Or Ma-id-it Al-Rahman, as it says on the sign in Arabic – “the table of the merciful God.” Not the best picture but I thought this was a… Continue reading

G: Galabeyya

I recently posted a photo of galabeyyas and then a friend shared this BBC article so I thought I’d include it here: “The galabeyya, a traditional ankle-length gown worn by Egyptian men, may… Continue reading

G: Galabeyya

G is for Galabeyya Galabeyyas are traditional clothes worn by Egyptians and other Arabs – the designs and shape varying by different groups/regions. These were on display in Kerdassa, Cairo – a place… Continue reading

G: Gardens

G is for Gardens Green spaces and gardens are popular places for Egyptians to spend time with family and friends, especially on Fridays and holidays. This gazebo is one of several in the… Continue reading

G: Girls

G is for Girls And these two laughing beauties were my first young Bedouin friends, Fatma and Rania. They enjoyed playing with our glasses and hats! This photo was taken on one of… Continue reading