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K is for Kindle!

  I’ve been doing a lot of e-publishing lately and I finally decided to format my book, An ABC Escapade through Egypt, for Kindle. The first print edition was published in 2008 and… Continue reading

K is for Konafa

While I wrote about konafa bil gibna (konafa with cheese) in my book, it was not a variety of konafa that I had ever tried myself – until a couple of weeks ago! I… Continue reading

K is for Karkade

K is for Karkade! And obviously I´m in a food and drink mood lately. These are the dried hibiscus flower petals that are used to brew karkade, a drink popular hot or cold.… Continue reading

K is for Kahk

Kahk (or ka7k as it is also written to reflect the more accurate pronunciation of كحك for those familiar with Arabic) is a cookie traditionally prepared for eid celebrations, which began here in… Continue reading

K is for Karkade

Karkade (pronounced kar-ke-day) كركديه is an infusion made with the petals of hibiscus flowers. It is a popular drink in Egypt, served both hot and cold.  When my dad lived here, he used cold… Continue reading

K: Kids

Kids! The human kind, not the goat kind. 😉 It’s difficult to go out with your camera in Egypt and not have the little ones demand their photos to be taken! These young… Continue reading

K: Kiosk or Kushk

Your one-stop shop for cigarettes and snacks – a kiosk, or kushk as it’s called in Arabic. You’ll find these small shops on numerous street corners in Cairo and other cities in Egypt. … Continue reading

K: Konafa

K is for Konafa And with Ramadan just around the corner, there’s sure to be lots of konafa-eating soon! Konafa is one of my favorite Egyptian sweets, especially when crunchy and filled with… Continue reading

K: Kishk

One of my husband’s many projects is creating audio files of Egyptian Arabic words, which was very helpful in creating my website. We’ve decided to share some on this blog – alphabetically, of… Continue reading

K: Kishk

K is for Kishk Kishk is one example of the typical foods found in Arab cuisine. In other countries, it is called kashk, keshk, or kishik. In Egypt, kishk is made with yogurt… Continue reading