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L is for Lounging Lizard

This colorful lizard is an Ornate Dabb Lizard, Uromastyx ornata, and in Egypt, is found only in the rocky wadis of South Sinai. And while he may look like he is simply lounging in… Continue reading

L is for Luscious Lemon Juice

Yes, another post of one of my favorite summer refreshments – lemon juice! This glass is definitely in more of a traditional Cairo setting than my last lemon juice photo, which had more… Continue reading

L is for Lentils

Lentils, or “ads” عَدس in Arabic, are popular in Egypt. These pictured here are called orange, yellow, or red, lentils. They are split and hulled and are used in Egypt to make delicious… Continue reading

L: Lemon Juice

عصير لمون 3asseer lamoon Lemon juice…a refreshing drink on a hot day! I enjoyed this one at a restaurant on the shore in Dahab. Lemon juice, or 3asseer lamoon as its called here,… Continue reading

L: Lanterns and F: Fanooss

Another Arabic Audio Post! The Egyptian Arabic word for one lantern is fanooss and for many lanterns, it is fa-wa-neess (not fanoosses, as I saw this morning in one children’s book about Ramadan).… Continue reading

L: Lanterns

L is for Lanterns Yes, another lantern post – to celebrate the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. These lanterns were on sale on Road 9 in Ma’adi, a city… Continue reading

L: Lanterns

L is for Lanterns Although these Ramadan lanterns are typical in size and shape, the colored cording and buttons are a unique addition. These were on sale in a well-known department store in… Continue reading

L: Lanterns

L is for Lanterns Not your traditional Ramadan lanterns, these colorful plastic lanterns are relatively new additions to the market (from China). They light up and play Ramadan tunes! These were found in… Continue reading

L: Lizard

L is for Lizard This fellow was hiding in shade of a desert plant one sunny afternoon. Taken on a hike in the mountains behind my house in Dahab, South Sinai.