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M is for a Marvelous Mantis

This marvelous mantis was spotted on the caper bush in my garden, where he lived for a couple of weeks. I would check on him whenever I went outside and one day I… Continue reading

M is for the Marvellous Migration

Autumn is in the air – and so are the birds! It´s prime migration season right now and Egypt lies on one of the busiest flyways in the world. On a recent bird… Continue reading

M is for Mmmm, Mmmm….Mangoes!

Mmmm, mmmm, mangoes! I can never say enough about  mangoes. 🙂 As you may know, mangoes feature in my book An ABC Escapade through Egypt and they have also shown up on this… Continue reading

M is for Mouthwatering MishMish

Mmmmm….mouthwatering mishmish! مشمش Or apricots as we call them in English. Another popular summer fruit here in Egypt. Crisp and tangy at the moment, soft and sweet when more fully ripe. And just… Continue reading

M is for Murals

More post-revolution murals! Although this mural is not new to the Dahab checkpoint, the Egyptian flag painted in the center medallion is. It used to be a portrait of former President Hosni Mubarak.… Continue reading

M is for Murals…Murals for Martyrs

Street art in Cairo thrives during the Egyptian revolution – much of which commemorates the hundreds who lost their lives in the uprising which ousted former President Hosni Mubarak. Simon Hanna, with Ahram… Continue reading


Mmmmm….mangoes!! Another of my favorite summertime fruits, whose season, sadly,  is on the way out. Just past the Smile petrol station after the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel under the Suez Canal (when driving from… Continue reading

Making Maglouba

Learn how to make a Bedouin upside-down meal! I’ve posted another food/recipe story…Making Maglouba…over at Bedouin History Desert Safari! Enjoy!

T: Toot

T is for Toot or M is for Mulberry Mulberry is a popular tree in Egypt, with its fruit eaten fresh or made into jam or juice (my favorite!). Their leaves are collected… Continue reading

M: Men

M is for Men And this lovely man is Shaban who worked as our bow-wab (doorman) in New Ma’adi for over five years. He was the best bow-wab I have ever had –… Continue reading