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P is for Perfect Peaches!

The season is NOW if you want to snack on these perfect peaches! According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, in 2008, Egypt ranked #8 worldwide in their production of peaches and nectarines,… Continue reading

P is for Pride!

When my hubby brought these tissues home the other day, I just had to get a shot! While we have always preferred to buy products made locally, many people living in Egypt –… Continue reading

P is for a Painted Lady!

A Painted Lady Butterfly, that is! Vanessa cardui butterflies are widespread in Egypt, occurring in any areas with flowers – even in my desert garden in Sinai. To learn more about these beautiful… Continue reading

P is for a Plump Little Plover

This plump little plover is probably, according to my birding-buddy Nicole B, a Ringed Plover (Charadrius hiaticula), most likely juvenile. Many different plovers migrate through Egypt and some are resident breeders. This one… Continue reading

P is for Pomegranate

Pomegranates, called rom-mahn in Arabic (رُمّان), are not native to Egypt but have been cultivated here since ancient times. And they are one of my favorite late-summer fruits! A young Bedouin neighbor brought… Continue reading

P is for Pizza, Egyptian Style!

Fiteer, فطير, is one of my favorite Egyptian street foods! It is made of several layers of  filo dough and butter and then baked. The pastry can be filled with either savory or… Continue reading

P: Palaces

This is part of the palace complex located in Montazah Gardens, Alexandria – El Salamlek Palace, which is now a 5-star hotel. The palace complex was built in 1892 by the last khedive… Continue reading

P: Prickly Pear

Another Arabic Audio Post! We’re still finalizing the Arabic Audio website but here’s another word for you related to my last photo. The Egyptian Arabic word for prickly pear is “teen shoki”. Click… Continue reading

P: Prickly Pear

P is for Prickly Pear The budding flower of this cactus is destined to turn into a delicious prickly pear! Carts of prickly pear are a common occurrence on the streets of Cairo… Continue reading

F: Flame Tree or P: Poinciana

F is for Flame Tree OR P is for Poinciana A sure sign of spring in Cairo is when the Flame Trees begin to get their leaves. By summer, their scarlet flowers are… Continue reading