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R is for Random Road Signs

Years ago when I applied for my Egyptian driver’s license, I had to take an a short driving test, as well as an oral examination, which consisted of the examiner pointing to  three… Continue reading

R is for Ras Mohamed…from above!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve taken a lot of flights recently between Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh. And my favorite thing about this short trip is the view over Sinai,… Continue reading

R is for Rubbish

A caper bush being choked by trash. This bush is growing in a wadi in Dahab, a place where tourists are taken for “Bedouin dinners” in the mountains. In a survey of European… Continue reading

R: Rugs

R is for Rugs! These colorful sheepskin rugs were on sale on the side of the street in Basateen after Eid el Adha two years ago.

F: Flame Tree or R: Royal Poinciana

F is for Flame Tree…or R, this time, for Royal Poinciana 😉 Yes, it’s another flame tree post – this time up close. These beautiful flowers are growing in Dahab, South Sinai. Apparently, there… Continue reading

R: Red Sea

R is for the Red Sea Although this is actually the Gulf of Aqaba, it all generally is referred to as the Red Sea. And this is my favorite spot of all –… Continue reading