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S is for Stella by the Sea

Beer has always been a strong important beverage in the Egyptian culture. It was very essential that it was even known to be part of┬áthe daily diet of the Egyptian Pharaohs 5,000 years… Continue reading

S is for Sensational Sinai Sunrises

From the east coast of Sinai, one is often treated to sensational scenery as the sun rises over the mountains of Saudi Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba, especially on those rare days… Continue reading

S is for Scrumptious Strawberries

Although not a native crop to Egypt, strawberries thrive in Egyptian soil and weather. These scrumptious strawberries are abundant at the markets during their season between December and March. ┬áBesides the fruit, fresh… Continue reading

S is for Small Spiders

This small lynx spider was spotted on the leaves of the pepper plant growing in my desert garden. Spiders used to freak me out, but as I started to observe their interactions with… Continue reading

S is for Snow in South Sinai!

Yes, it snows in Egypt! But only in the high mountain region around St. Katherine’s in south Sinai, which was blessed with several light snowfalls last week. Although the snow cover did not… Continue reading

S is for Solar Power in Sinai

These solar panels provide the power needed for the pump to bring fresh water from deep underground to the surface. The water then travels through meters and meters of black hose pipe to… Continue reading

Happy Sham el-Nessim!

Happy Sham el-Nessim! Once again celebrating my favorite Egyptian holiday with a basketful of colored eggs. Okay, so they’re not all that colorful…yet. This was just the base colors I dyed the eggs… Continue reading

S is for Sporting Club

Sporting clubs are the place to be – for those who can afford the fees – on weekends, after school, and especially on holidays like the one coming up (6th of October). The… Continue reading

S is for Solar Power!

Two weeks ago, Egypt confirmed in a report that their first solar power plant will be working by the end of this year. According to, The report said the plant to the… Continue reading

Sinai Safari Slideshow

Photos and video by yours truly. Music by Dahab from their Spirit of Sinai album, CC-BY-SA-3.0. Video released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license (which is slightly different from the CC license… Continue reading