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T is for Temples

The only pharaonic temple in Sinai is Serabit el-Khadem – Temple of Hathor, Lady of Turquoise. The temple dates back to 1964 – 1136 B.C. and is surrounded by ancient turquoise mines and… Continue reading

T is for Tourist Attractions (and, yes, most of them are safe)

Well, needless to say, a lot has happened here in Egypt over the past several weeks. If you haven’t heard, there’s been a revolution. (Those are not words I ever thought I’d type!)… Continue reading

T is for Taba

Taba – as seen from Salah el Din’s fortress on Pharoah’s Island, just south of the city. Located in Sinai, Taba lies on the border with Israel. The Sinai peninsula was returned to… Continue reading

T: Taxis

A typical street scene in Cairo – a driver and his taxi waiting for a passenger! Black and white are the usual colors of Cairo cabs…but if you look behind this taxi, you’ll… Continue reading

T: Toot

T is for Toot or M is for Mulberry Mulberry is a popular tree in Egypt, with its fruit eaten fresh or made into jam or juice (my favorite!). Their leaves are collected… Continue reading

T: Tea

T is for Tea – The National Drink of Egypt! Providing a cup of tea, called shay in Arabic, to visitors is pretty much mandatory here in Egypt. Sometimes served with fresh mint… Continue reading

T: Tameya

T is for Tasty Tameya! Tameya is one of the most popular street foods here. You may have heard it referred to as falafel, as it is called in other Middle Eastern nations… Continue reading

T: Taxis

T is for Taxis – The Drivers and the Dashboards! This friendly face fought the traffic of Cairo to drive us from downtown to Ma’adi. Taxi drivers often (but not always!) amaze me… Continue reading

T: Tourists

T is for Tourists My first post for the letter T! With visitors here recently, I spent a lot of time snorkeling in the sea with the rest of the summer tourists. This… Continue reading