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S is for Stella by the Sea

Beer has always been a strong important beverage in the Egyptian culture. It was very essential that it was even known to be part of the daily diet of the Egyptian Pharaohs 5,000 years… Continue reading

F is for Fillets of Fisseekh

Yes, I should have posted these photos several weeks ago on Sham el Nessim, an Egyptian holiday that is celebrated the Monday after Coptic Christian Easter. But I was too busy “sniffing the… Continue reading

S is for Scrumptious Strawberries

Although not a native crop to Egypt, strawberries thrive in Egyptian soil and weather. These scrumptious strawberries are abundant at the markets during their season between December and March.  Besides the fruit, fresh… Continue reading

F is for Fettah, or Fattah, or Fatta

Mmmm…..fettah – one of my favorite Egyptian dishes. Fettah, in this sense, basically means “small bits of broken bread.” It is a popular dish in many Arab and Middle Eastern countries – Morocco, Yemen, Egypt,… Continue reading

3gga, 3gga, 3gga!

My new favorite snack – عجّة! Transliterating from Arabic gives us something like 3ig-ga or “agga”.  There is no English equivalent to the Arabic letter ع and it is often written as the… Continue reading

L is for Luscious Lemon Juice

Yes, another post of one of my favorite summer refreshments – lemon juice! This glass is definitely in more of a traditional Cairo setting than my last lemon juice photo, which had more… Continue reading

K is for Konafa

While I wrote about konafa bil gibna (konafa with cheese) in my book, it was not a variety of konafa that I had ever tried myself – until a couple of weeks ago! I… Continue reading

F is for Food!

If you like Egyptian food and have enjoyed my photos of these yummies, you may be interested in checking out my ¨Food of Egypt 2012¨ Calendar that I created on Zazzle. Makes a… Continue reading

A is for Almonds

Almonds are called ¨luz¨ لوز  in Arabic and are available for purchase year round in Egypt. Most of these almonds are imported since almond trees are not cultivated in the Nile Delta. They… Continue reading

M is for Mmmm, Mmmm….Mangoes!

Mmmm, mmmm, mangoes! I can never say enough about  mangoes. 🙂 As you may know, mangoes feature in my book An ABC Escapade through Egypt and they have also shown up on this… Continue reading