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C is for Camels Cooling Off!

A typical morning at the beach in Assala, Dahab – especially when it’s as hot and humid as it was this day. You can usually see the mountains of Saudi Arabia when you… Continue reading

M is for a Marvelous Mantis

This marvelous mantis was spotted on the caper bush in my garden, where he lived for a couple of weeks. I would check on him whenever I went outside and one day I… Continue reading

L is for Lounging Lizard

This colorful lizard is an Ornate Dabb Lizard, Uromastyx ornata, and in Egypt, is found only in the rocky wadis of South Sinai. And while he may look like he is simply lounging in… Continue reading

S is for Small Spiders

This small lynx spider was spotted on the leaves of the pepper plant growing in my desert garden. Spiders used to freak me out, but as I started to observe their interactions with… Continue reading

B is for Babul Blue Butterfly

I boasted in my previous post about the variety of butterflies I have encountered here in Sinai recently. And then just the next day I spotted yet another one – an African babul… Continue reading

B is for Bountiful Butterflies!

Autumn is flight season for many butterflies in Egypt and I have been quite amazed at the variety of butterflies that I have spotted here in Sinai. Pictured above are: Top Left: Colotis fausta,… Continue reading

F is for Fantastically-colored Fish

My poor attempts at underwater photography do not do justice to the amazing array of colors that I see as I snorkel! If you are lucky enough to take a dip in the… Continue reading

B is for Beautiful Bee-eaters

Not the best images, but I just wanted to announce their arrival – which for me marks the official start of springtime! 🙂 The European Bee-eater, Merops apiaster, flies through Egypt on spring and fall migration.… Continue reading

F is for Flies

Pesky flies! Not an uncommon complaint made by visitors to Egypt. But they can be quite fascinating to look at up close, like this little guy – a Common Green Bottle Fly (Lucilia… Continue reading

W is for White-crowned Black Wheatears

Not the best capture, I realize, but it is not often I get to post under the letter ¨W¨! The White-crowned Black Wheatear (Oenanthe leucopyga) is only one of several different wheatear species… Continue reading