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New Book from Habiba

About a year ago, I posted about my Arabic-speaking alter-ego Habiba. She´s embarrassed it has taken her this long, but she has finally uploaded a new book! The Flying Seed or البِذرة الطايرة… Continue reading

D: Date Palm

The most abundant “tree” in Egypt is the Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera), known in Arabic as Nakhl el-Balah نخل البلح . And Egypt is the world’s top producer of dates, producing over a… Continue reading

T: Toot

T is for Toot or M is for Mulberry Mulberry is a popular tree in Egypt, with its fruit eaten fresh or made into jam or juice (my favorite!). Their leaves are collected… Continue reading

F: Flame Tree or R: Royal Poinciana

F is for Flame Tree…or R, this time, for Royal Poinciana 😉 Yes, it’s another flame tree post – this time up close. These beautiful flowers are growing in Dahab, South Sinai. Apparently, there… Continue reading

F: Flame Tree or P: Poinciana

F is for Flame Tree OR P is for Poinciana A sure sign of spring in Cairo is when the Flame Trees begin to get their leaves. By summer, their scarlet flowers are… Continue reading

A: Acacia

A is for Acacia And if you’re going to have a picnic in the desert, it will most likely be an acacia that provides your shade! I had a lovely lunch under this… Continue reading

A: Acacia

A is for Acacia This is a close-up shot of the spines of an acacia tree. Taken on a hike along the coast between Blue Hole to Ras Abu Galum, South Sinai.