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F is for Festivals

On a much smaller scale than the Characters of Egypt Festival, Dahab this past week hosted both the first annual (inshallah) Dahab Bedouin Festival and Dahab Festival (of Watersports, Culture, and Desert Adventure).… Continue reading

Egypt Remembers

Since January 25, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have been protesting across the country, demanding a change to their current government – demanding their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of association, free… Continue reading

F is for Festival! Photos from the Characters of Egypt Festival

A slideshow of photos from the recent Characters of Egypt Festival held at Wadi el Gemal National Park, just to give you an overview. I promise to post other photos, alphabetically of course, and… Continue reading

Characters of Egypt: Festival of Tribes

Okay, I don’t actually have any photos to post – yet – but I am sure I will have a whole alphabet of new photos and topics when I return from the Characters… Continue reading

Z is for Zahi Hawass

When my sister said something to me about the new series, Chasing Mummies, on the History Channel, I just knew I had to post about Mr. Hawass. (Especially because it’s a great “Z”… Continue reading

K: Kids

Kids! The human kind, not the goat kind. 😉 It’s difficult to go out with your camera in Egypt and not have the little ones demand their photos to be taken! These young… Continue reading

Q: Quilters

One of the friendly quilters working on Shar-reh il Khy-ya-mayya, or Tentmakers’ Street, who generously posed for pictures for my book. I dream of one day ordering one of his gorgeous colorful quilts… Continue reading

A: Admiring Amazing Athletes

A is for Admiring Amazing Athletes In honor of Egypt’s national football (soccer) team and their recent win in the Africa Cup of Nations, I thought I’d post some photos from the 2006… Continue reading

T: Taxis

T is for Taxis – The Drivers and the Dashboards! This friendly face fought the traffic of Cairo to drive us from downtown to Ma’adi. Taxi drivers often (but not always!) amaze me… Continue reading

M: Men

M is for Men And this lovely man is Shaban who worked as our bow-wab (doorman) in New Ma’adi for over five years. He was the best bow-wab I have ever had –… Continue reading