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B is for the Beautiful Blue Hole

Ah, the beautiful and infamous Blue Hole! I took this shot on the way hiking to Ras Abu Galum. This was about 9 in the morning, before the tourists from Sharm el Sheikh… Continue reading

R is for Random Road Signs

Years ago when I applied for my Egyptian driver’s license, I had to take an a short driving test, as well as an oral examination, which consisted of the examiner pointing to ┬áthree… Continue reading

W is for Wonderful Wadis

Wandering through the wonderful wadis of south Sinai is one of my favorite pastimes, as you may have figured out by now, and I took this photo on a recent wander through Wadi… Continue reading

E is for EgyptAir

EgyptAir is the country’s national airline and is celebrating it’s 80th birthday this month! While I have only flown internationally with EgyptAir a handful of times, I am becoming quite a frequent flyer… Continue reading

E is for Ecolodge

Egypt is home to┬áseveral ecolodges, each with its own unique style. You can stay at an oasis ecolodge in Siwa, Dakhla, or Bahariya. There are several ecolodges along the Red Sea coast near… Continue reading

T is for Tourist Attractions (and, yes, most of them are safe)

Well, needless to say, a lot has happened here in Egypt over the past several weeks. If you haven’t heard, there’s been a revolution. (Those are not words I ever thought I’d type!)… Continue reading

Floods, Fruit, and Fettah Part II

I’ve finally posted the recipe and photos for the watermelon fettah over at Bedouin History Desert Safari. If you missed Part I, read it here.

T: Taxis

A typical street scene in Cairo – a driver and his taxi waiting for a passenger! Black and white are the usual colors of Cairo cabs…but if you look behind this taxi, you’ll… Continue reading

Travel Etiquette

Travel Etiquette for Tourists in Egypt by Guest Contributor Nick Steele Egypt is the most popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Almost everyone wants to see the pyramids or take an Egypt… Continue reading