R: Red Sea

R is for the Red Sea Although this is actually the Gulf of Aqaba, it all generally is referred to as the Red Sea. And this is my favorite spot of all –… Continue reading

B: Backgammon

B is for Backgammon A very popular game with Egyptians, especially with men at coffee shops. This is a black and white close-up shot of a board inlaid with mother of pearl. Most… Continue reading

S: Socks

S is for Socks Not your typical socks! These are made of recycled material and usually available from street vendors once the weather turns cool. I love the colors…and my sisters swear that… Continue reading

L: Lizard

L is for Lizard This fellow was hiding in shade of a desert plant one sunny afternoon. Taken on a hike in the mountains behind my house in Dahab, South Sinai.

M: Mosque

M is for Mosque This is the largest mosque in Dahab; located in Assalah village along the Red Sea coast in South Sinai. This view of the mosque was taken from my rooftop.

F: Feluka

F is for Feluka And this is a view of a feluka sail taken from the boat – on an afternoon sail down the Nile river near Ma’adi, Cairo. Learn more about felukat… Continue reading

D: Dragonfly

D is for Dragonfly And it’s their time of year! This dragonfly was hanging out on the plants on our balcony in New Ma’adi, Cairo. Dragonfly Postcard by bernadettesimpsonBrowse more Dragonfly Postcards

H: Heron

H is for Heron This is a Western Reef Heron (Egretta gularis) in his gray or dark form. Taken on a hike along the coast from Blue Hole to Ras Abu Galum, South… Continue reading

D: Dahab

D is for Dahab My home. This is the view of the main bay taken from the terrace of a dive shop in Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai.

C: Cats

C is for Cats Egypt is full of cats and this little fellow is from Assalah, Dahab, South Sinai.