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Habiba and her Bedouin girls No book about MY Egypt would be complete without telling the story of how our daughter, Bernadette, came to be a…

K is for Kindle!

  I’ve been doing a lot of e-publishing lately and I finally decided to format my book, An ABC Escapade through Egypt, for Kindle. The first print edition was published in 2008 and… Continue reading

S is for Snow in South Sinai!

Yes, it snows in Egypt! But only in the high mountain region around St. Katherine’s in south Sinai, which was blessed with several light snowfalls last week. Although the snow cover did not… Continue reading

B is for Babul Blue Butterfly

I boasted in my previous post about the variety of butterflies I have encountered here in Sinai recently. And then just the next day I spotted yet another one – an African babul… Continue reading

B is for Bountiful Butterflies!

Autumn is flight season for many butterflies in Egypt and I have been quite amazed at the variety of butterflies that I have spotted here in Sinai. Pictured above are: Top Left: Colotis fausta,… Continue reading

3gga, 3gga, 3gga!

My new favorite snack – عجّة! Transliterating from Arabic gives us something like 3ig-ga or “agga”.  There is no English equivalent to the Arabic letter ع and it is often written as the… Continue reading

B is for Books for Bedouin!

It’s October! My favorite month. 🙂 The winner of the Goodreads Giveaway was chosen and I delivered several free Fizo books to some lucky Bedouin children in Sinai, as part of my One… Continue reading

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Members (in the US, Canada, or Egypt) of can sign up for my latest giveaway! Help me kick off my One for One Giveaway Project ~ for every copy of An ABC… Continue reading

F is for Fantastically-colored Fish

My poor attempts at underwater photography do not do justice to the amazing array of colors that I see as I snorkel! If you are lucky enough to take a dip in the… Continue reading

L is for Luscious Lemon Juice

Yes, another post of one of my favorite summer refreshments – lemon juice! This glass is definitely in more of a traditional Cairo setting than my last lemon juice photo, which had more… Continue reading