S is for Solar Power in Sinai

These solar panels provide the power needed for the pump to bring fresh water from deep underground to the surface. The water then travels through meters and meters of black hose pipe to… Continue reading

C is for a Couple of Cute Camels

Yep, camels again. I just can´t resist pulling over to the side of the road and trying to capture their cute little faces. 🙂 These two came right on over to be pictured… Continue reading

F is for Food!

If you like Egyptian food and have enjoyed my photos of these yummies, you may be interested in checking out my ¨Food of Egypt 2012¨ Calendar that I created on Zazzle. Makes a… Continue reading

M is for the Marvellous Migration

Autumn is in the air – and so are the birds! It´s prime migration season right now and Egypt lies on one of the busiest flyways in the world. On a recent bird… Continue reading

A is for Almonds

Almonds are called ¨luz¨ لوز  in Arabic and are available for purchase year round in Egypt. Most of these almonds are imported since almond trees are not cultivated in the Nile Delta. They… Continue reading

C is for Cuddly Cats!

Cats, cats, cats! They have been in Egypt since ancient times. Besides being useful in catching mice and other pests, cats were also worshipped by ancient Egyptians. They were believed to have magical… Continue reading

F is for Flag

Not the most exciting of photos, I know,  but I found the history of the Egyptian flag fascinating – and not something I had looked into before. According to the Wikipedia, The Free… Continue reading

Goodreads Giveaway!

I’m giving away an autographed paperback copy of An ABC Escapade through Egypt on Goodreads.com ~ just in time for the new school year! The giveaway is open to members in the US… Continue reading

B is for Butterfly

And this little beauty is called a Grass Jewel (Chilades trochylus). At only 14 – 18 mm, she is one of the smallest butterflies in the world and lives mostly in arid regions.… Continue reading

W is for Winners!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and signed up for the Summer Giveaway! With the help of Random.org, the winners of my giveaway have been chosen. And they are: Nikita, Kulsuma who blogs… Continue reading