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C is for Camels Cooling Off!

A typical morning at the beach in Assala, Dahab – especially when it’s as hot and humid as it was this day. You can usually see the mountains of Saudi Arabia when you… Continue reading

M is for a Marvelous Mantis

This marvelous mantis was spotted on the caper bush in my garden, where he lived for a couple of weeks. I would check on him whenever I went outside and one day I… Continue reading

S is for Small Spiders

This small lynx spider was spotted on the leaves of the pepper plant growing in my desert garden. Spiders used to freak me out, but as I started to observe their interactions with… Continue reading

C is for Cuddly Cats!

Cats, cats, cats! They have been in Egypt since ancient times. Besides being useful in catching mice and other pests, cats were also worshipped by ancient Egyptians. They were believed to have magical… Continue reading

B is for Beautiful Beetles

Yes, I think beetles can be beautiful! This one certainly is. Apparently, beetles are the largest group of insects in the world, with between 350,000 – 370,000 different species identified so far. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

C is for Cute, Curious Camels

While hiking this past weekend in Wadi G’Nai (near Dahab), I spotted three camels in the distance, lazily crunching on cactus. As we walked, I slowly veered toward them, knowing that I wanted… Continue reading

U: Urchin

U is for Urchin Sea urchins, that is! This critter was washed up on the shore along the coast just south of Nuweiba. You can see his round “test”, or skeleton, and his… Continue reading

B: Bee-eaters

B is for Bee-eaters A European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster), to be exact -my absolute favorite bird! These colorful birds pass through Egypt during their spring migration and I wait all of April for… Continue reading

C: Camel

C is for Camels This handsome camel was crunching on cactus near the coastal road from Dahab to the Blue Hole. His bright pink shawl stood out beautifully against the desert mountains and… Continue reading

D: Donkeys

D is for Donkey Actually, I used a very similar shot in my book for Wagons of Watermelon but I thought the donkeys could use some attention! They work hard pulling carts of… Continue reading