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World Occupational Therapy Day

  World Occupational Therapy Day is held annually on October 27. Started by the the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, this day is an opportunity to promote and celebrate therapists around the world.… Continue reading

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N is for Nuweiba

Ah, the beautiful shores of Nuweiba!! This view of the Gulf of Aqaba is from the amazing Habiba Beach Lodge. The water was so irresistible that, having forgotten my swim suit, I jumped in fully… Continue reading

B is for the Beautiful Blue Hole

Ah, the beautiful and infamous Blue Hole! I took this shot on the way hiking to Ras Abu Galum. This was about 9 in the morning, before the tourists from Sharm el Sheikh… Continue reading

S is for Stella by the Sea

Beer has always been a strong important beverage in the Egyptian culture. It was very essential that it was even known to be part of the daily diet of the Egyptian Pharaohs 5,000 years… Continue reading

Egypt Through Time: Photographs From 1800-2013

Originally posted on Egyptian Streets:
The Pyramids in 1880. Since the 2011 revolution, old photographs of Egypt and classic films showing an elegant and prosperous Egyptian society have sporadically appeared on social networks.…

M is for a Marvelous Mantis

This marvelous mantis was spotted on the caper bush in my garden, where he lived for a couple of weeks. I would check on him whenever I went outside and one day I… Continue reading

F is for Fillets of Fisseekh

Yes, I should have posted these photos several weeks ago on Sham el Nessim, an Egyptian holiday that is celebrated the Monday after Coptic Christian Easter. But I was too busy “sniffing the… Continue reading

R is for Random Road Signs

Years ago when I applied for my Egyptian driver’s license, I had to take an a short driving test, as well as an oral examination, which consisted of the examiner pointing to  three… Continue reading